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Welcome to www.MadelineDyer.com/horses-and-ponies. On this website you can find out about different breeds of horses and ponies, as well as the colours of horses and ponies. You can also find out about the history of horses and ponies as well as which types of ponies can be found in the wild and you can play horsey and pony games.

I live on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, England where the wild ponies roam freely. I have been interested in ponies for the last couple of years but I have always been interested in animals. In the future I am hoping to get my very own pony.

My favourite breeds of ponies are Shetlands, Exmoors, Dartmoors, Welsh Sections B and C and Fjord Horses. I like Shetland Ponies as my Mum and Dad used to breed them and we have many pictures of them as well as rosettes that some of them have won. As you can probably guess I like Dartmoors as I see them nearly every day.


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